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Access Control

TSM South offers an array of alarm, access control and video surveillance systems for offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail stores and institutions. 

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment from premier, reliable manufacturers such as Honeywell and Mobotix, our skilled technicians can install a host of products that are designed to secure your business site, protect valuable assets, including equipment, inventory, proprietary technology and confidential data, ensure a safe workplace environment for your employees and customers, and can reduce your business insurance premiums.

Quality technologies for intrusion detection and surveillance are available at costs that readily justify the benefits they produce.  Using keypads and proximity readers, door and gate control systems can limit access by location and by time and days of the week. IP surveillance cameras, operating in real time, can be viewed at a monitoring station or accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone.  While some video cameras store images on a built-in computer, others use DVR technology.

Whatever your need, regardless of the size of your operation, TSM South can provide cost-effective systems to protect your business and give you peace of mind. Here are some of the security products that TSM South installs and services:

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Protect your Business


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 Mobotix Allround M15 6MP Camera

Mobotix Surveillance Cameras

Security Systems:

  • Honeywell intrusion alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Motion detectors and glass-breakage detectors
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Access Controls:

  • Individual door and gate controls
  • Multi-door, networked control systems
  • Keypad and proximity readers

 Access Cards & Fobs

HID Access ControlAccess Granted

Access Card Reader


Contact us and let's discuss your needs.  Allow us to conduct a security review of your business and work with you to develop the appropriate security plan for your operation.

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Our other Products:

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