Cell Boosters

Boost your cell signal!

TSM South offers a certified installation on Wilson Electronics Cell Repeater Kits for your business or home.

Ever experience dropped calls on the road, at home or in the office? Tired of slow data rates on your smart phone, tablet, data card or modem? Are you just out of reach from the nearest cell signal?

Wilson Electronics’ cellular signal boosters overcome these problems by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.

 5G / Up to 100,000 sq.ft.

Get Strong Cell Signal
Get Strong Cell Signal

Contact us and let’s discuss your needs. Allow us to conduct a site survey of your business and work with you to develop the appropriate requirements for your mobile operation.


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