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Showcase your business with state of the art High Definition picture quality and Hi-Fi sound.

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HD LED Televisions

  • A treat for the eyes.

    There's 4K, and there's Sony 4K HDR. Go way beyond what you've seen before and experience truly remarkable clarity, color, contrast, and more.


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High Fidelity Sound

  • Valcom Slimline & High Fidelity Signature Series Speakers
Valcom High Fidelity Speaker

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  • Bose FreeSpace Loudspeakers

Bose DS100SE FreeSpace Loudspeaker 

Bose Freespace DS100SE Speakers

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Bose FreeSpace 360-P Series II In-Ground Loudspeaker

Outdoor Speakers

  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Cafes
  • Resorts and Hospitality venues
  • Theme Parks
  • Atriums and Malls
Bose 360-P

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Custom In-surface Power Data Solutions

  • Concealable and Configurable
  • In surface or grommet style power data solutions may require a little bit more work to install, but what you put in is definitely what you get out. In surface mounted units create sleek, deeply integrated and concealable solutions for desks, conference tables and even counter tops.
MHO BE01820 M 2 2 EFF 72

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DMX logo web describe the image Music

  • Experience Design is the integration of every aspect of the customer experience, with each element working together in a deliberate and purposeful way to convey your distinct brand personality. At Mood, we help you design and deliver a complete customer experience by integrating music, voice messaging, digital signage and audio visual technology to connect with your customers in powerful and productive ways.

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