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NEC VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the next generation of voice communications. NEC is a leader in this field, providing the best in voice technologies, while the engineers at TSM South can provide the perfect package to meet your business needs.





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NEC VoIP UNIVERGE Business Communications Solutions

UNIVERGE™ is NEC's IP architecture for unifying multimedia networks while enabling robust business solutions. UNIVERGE is open and standards-based IP architecture, ensuring interoperability with other broadband media, IT equipment and applications. It also enables seamless and mobile communications in a multi-network environment. 

UNIVERGE SV9100 VoIP SYSTEM --> more info

NEC's new, versatile communication platform, allows you to converge your voice and data networks and enjoy the many advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the future of business communications. 

UNIVERGE 3C VoIP SYSTEM --> more info

UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based unified
communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way
you communicate – enables anywhere, anytime access, operates
across premise, cloud or hybrid environments and ensures
business continuity through a single application platform.

U3C Case Study --> more info


IP TELEPHONY --> more info

Addresses the incorporation of IP telephony into existing communications systems to enable the cost savings afforded by converged infrastructures. 


NEC Univerge IP (DT800) and Digital (DT400) Terminals with large and optional color displays.

NEC VoIP Telephones 

Hosted Telephone Systems

Managed Telephone Service including phones


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