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IP Telephone Paging Systems

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Telephone paging systems have come a long way both in terms of sound quality and the variety of ancillary equipment that expand and enhance their use. You don’t have to settle for blast, blare and static or sounding like you’re 20,000 leagues under the sea when using a paging [...]

Teleconferencing Enhances Business Productivity

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With so many businesses having facilities in far flung locations and with more and more employees working at home these days, teleconferencing has become an effective, rational way to conduct group meetings without the expense and disruption of gathering staff members in a central location. Consequently, improved technology and [...]

Business Telephone System Surge Protectors

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No doubt every enterprise is careful to arm its computers with surge protection devices, as nothing can wreak havoc on the operations of a business like damaged hard drives and fried servers.  Do telephone systems, so integral to commercial activity, receive the same level of attention?  Perhaps not, but [...]

Business Telecommunications Via The Cloud: A Lofty Idea

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Are your VoIP communications winging their way through the cloud?  If the answer is “No”, let’s see how cloud computing can maximize the utility of those state of the art VoIP phones you have.  Or perhaps you’re thinking about purchasing VoIP phones and wish to consider a cloud-based solution [...]