There are few areas of technology where advances have been more profound than in video surveillance systems.  Where once video surveillance consisted of one or two fixed cameras feeding blurred video into a black and white monitor at a central location that was viewed by a security guard who may or may not have dozed off, there now are high resolution computerized camera systems with multiple functions mounted on a network platform that allow for nearly unlimited user options.  Built-in software organizes digital video into a manageable database and by the use of video analysis software greatly facilitates targeted monitoring.

When looking at video surveillance system manufacturers, industry leader, Germany-based Mobotix, A.G., most often comes to mind.  So, let’s see why Mobotix equipment enjoys the market appeal that it does and how it may well serve the security needs of your business.

Mobotix Night & Day Camera

Mobotix manufactures megapixel IP cameras that create accurate, high resolution images that are easily viewed.  These durable instruments, with built-in software, are cameras with the attributes of computers. What is more, since software is provided with each camera, there are no licensing or update fees, as updates are delivered free of charge via the company’s website.  Moreover, the cameras have no moving parts, no lenses or positioning motors, which translates to minimal maintenance requirements.  And weatherproof models can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.

High resolution cameras with up to 360 degree views reduce the number of cameras needed to monitor a work area, thus producing a cost savings for the business owner.  Mobotix, by building a high-speed computer into each camera and allowing for the installation of a digital long-term memory card  providing for several days of recording time, has decentralized its video surveillance system.    Under this decentralized platform (in which the video management software has been housed in each camera rather than in a central computer), multiple cameras simultaneously store high resolution HDTV video, with sound, on a single PC or server.

Not only do Mobotix cameras produce high resolution video, they also utilize a superior compression technology to deliver images of the best quality, even in low light conditions

Furthermore, since each camera is a self-contained “computer”, the images do not have to be transferred constantly and therefore less network bandwidth is required to operate the system.

Mobotix cameras communicate across a secure network and report alarms to the monitoring software with video.  This results in a faster response time and, given the visual evidence, helps identify false alarms.

Cameras can, in effect, serve as a virtual security patrol force by sending remote images to a security control room.  Used in conjunction with access control equipment, high resolution cameras allow for the identification of individuals entering a facility during both normal work hours and after hours.

Mobotix 360° Hemispherical Camera

A feature unique to Mobotix cameras is that they are also VoIP phones that can be configured to place a phone call based on the detection of established criteria.  Calls to phones can be triggered by camera observation of specific, pre-defined events.  Moreover, the VoIP phone can be accessed by a mobile device for both voice and video communication.  Incidentally, the company makes free apps available on its website.

Individual cameras manage storage by recording video to a variety of standard digital media devices that allow for easy search and retrieval of surveillance incidents.  In a similar vein, alarm triggers and processes occur internally within the camera, so that the camera actuates event triggers and manages the system’s alarms, including time scheduling.

Mobotix cameras are capable of initiating customized notifications, based on the type of alarm actuated, by phone call or email to designated devices or specific personnel.

Since all surveillance, reporting, notification and storage functions are built into the camera, installation is a simple matter.

For all of these reasons, business owners concerned about security issues are well served to examine the surveillance products that Mobotix offers.

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