A burglary or act of vandalism can ruin your day – and, in the extreme, it can ruin your business.  To prevent that, you need to protect your pocket, the one that holds your profits, not the one that holds your leaky pens.

The importance of maintaining a safe, secure operation for your business cannot be over-emphasized.  Managing access to your facility and monitoring activity inside and out are the keys to enterprise security.  Insurance may cover the dollar cost of theft and damage that you may incur, but the true cost to your business can far exceed the repair or replacement of assets stolen or destroyed.

Access control and video surveillance systems will secure your business site, help to protect valuable assets, including equipment, inventory, proprietary technology and confidential data, while ensuring a safe workplace environment for your employees and your customers.

Quality technologies manufactured by premier firms such as Honeywell and Mobotix for intrusion detection and surveillance are available at costs that readily justify the benefits they produce.  Using keypads and proximity readers, door and gate control systems can limit access by location, by time of day and days of the week.   IP surveillance cameras, operating in real time, can be viewed at a monitoring station or accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone.  While some video cameras store images on built-in computers, others utilize DVR technology for archive storage.

Having adequate security systems may produce the added benefit of reduced outlays for insurance premiums.  Lowering your business insurance costs requires lowering your business risks, and the risks of theft, fraud and property damage can be reduced with door alarm, fire alarm and video surveillance equipment.

Whatever your need, regardless of the size of your operation, there are cost-effective systems in the market that will protect your business assets.  Installing such tools as access control keypads, magnetic door latches and day/night surveillance cameras may be just the right recipe for the peace of mind you need to do what you do best: managing a business, seeking new sales opportunities and improving profits.

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