As swiftly as telecommunication equipment continues to improve, the phone system you have may seem to meet your current needs but may fall well short of the capabilities of today’s technology.  More importantly, your present system may be woefully inadequate in meeting the future needs of your business.

In an increasingly digitized world, once discrete technologies have become more and more integrated, which has had a significant impact on the telecommunication industry – and it can have a positive impact on your business.

To improve productivity now and prepare for growth down the road, this may be the time to upgrade your phone system and take advantage of new technology in the marketplace.  But how do you know when it’s the right time to make a change?

Here are some things to consider:

If you are thinking about adding to staff or expanding to a new location, you will want to know if your phone system can be scaled to satisfy the projected needs of the enterprise.  Will it be able to handle more volume?  Can it accommodate multiple locations in a seamless fashion?

Or consider how integrating a phone system with other technologies will enhance the productivity of your employees.  That may lead you to voice over internet (VoIP) as a solution, or perhaps to a cloud-based platform such as Quorum.   You may want email notification of voicemail messages that are received.

As technology has become ever more mobile with the advent of smart phones and tablets, for example, ask if you’re taking advantage of the tools that will keep your work force in the field connected to the home office and more accessible to customers and management.

Think, too, about the advantages of teleconferencing, how it allows employees from different locations to conduct meetings without the expense of travel and imagine how that can improve dialogue throughout the company and the benefits that result from that kind of inter-personal communication.

No doubt the demands of running a business may leave you with little time to spend exploring new telephone systems, and that is where a company like TSM South, with experienced sales and technical staff, can help you address these questions and provide the answers that will meet your needs in an ever-changing business and technology environment.

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