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How Auto Attendant Can Save Customers

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Imagine that Arthur Miller had not written Death Of A Salesman, but instead wrote Death Of A Sale. In the opening scene an eager customer places a phone call to one of several competing suppliers, only to hear after ten rings those two dreaded words: “Please hold.”  What unfolds is [...]

Selecting The Right Telecommunications Carrier

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Dissatisfied with your current telecom carrier?  Need enhanced technology? Unhappy with service outages?  Paying too much? The likely drivers of the search for a telecom carrier are a desire for improved technologies, the quest for better customer service and more reliable tech support, the need for a higher level [...]

Time To Upgrade Your Business Telephone System?

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As swiftly as telecommunication equipment continues to improve, the phone system you have may seem to meet your current needs but may fall well short of the capabilities of today’s technology.  More importantly, your present system may be woefully inadequate in meeting the future needs of your business. In an increasingly digitized world, once discrete technologies have become [...]